ADTRAN Technical Support Associate (ATSA)
Internetworking Certification

ADTRAN Technical Support Associate (ATSA) - is the foundation level certification for technical staff that will be responsible for designing and implementing solutions using ADTRAN's NetVanta Internetworking products (routers, switches, switch-routers, and VPN/Firewall appliances). This training assumes that the student already has a solid understanding of basic data and internetworking concepts. In the ATSA/Internetworking curriculum the students will learn the basic operations of the ADTRAN Operating System and NetVanta hardware as they relate to IP routing, Ethernet switching, and network security. ATSA/Internetworking is based on a free online training curriculum with built-in exams that will take approximately six hours to complete.

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ATSA/Internetworking Curriculum

Introduction to Internetworking
(e-learning campus)

Module 1: Networking Basics
Module 2: Data Delivery
Module 3: Network Protocols
Module 4: Network Addressing

Passing score of 85% on EACH post test
(included with the course)
Introduction to ADTRAN Internetworking Solutions
(e-learning campus)
Passing score of 85% on post test
(included with the course)